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Benefits of Coffee Grounds

Benefits of Coffee Grounds - Have the remaining coffee bean powder that you have used before? Preferably, don't rush to throw it in the trash. Because it turns out, coffee beans can be useful in a number of ways that we don't expect.

Benefits of Coffee Grounds

Here's how to use your used coffee bean powder!

1. Midges

Do you know that ants can die when they eat coffee bean powder? Yes, research shows that ants can die after consuming coffee bean powder. Sprinkle some of the coffee beans you have used around the plant or house to protect it from garden pests such as ants, or snails.

2. Fertilize the garden

Pamper the plant with nitrogen-rich recycled coffee bean powder. Add coffee beans in a spray bottle of your garden along with warm water. Spray this solution on flowers and plants to keep your garden free of chemicals.

3. Absorbs the smell of food

Do you know that coffee can be useful as a natural deodorizer? Coffee bean powder can be used in a closed room or din in your refrigerator, to relieve the smell of food from your precious microwave. Just heat the coffee bean powder that you have used in the oven and sprinkle it to remove the odor.

4. For shampoo

You can add the used coffee bean powder to shampoo or conditioner to get rid of dirt and oil. adding coffee bean powder that has been used regularly when washing your hair, can help to dye your hair to make it darker.

5. Homemade candles

Want to use a new aroma for your candle? Use the coffee bean powder that has been used with the rest of the wax and make your own coffee-scented candle. Find the perfect place for your new scented candle container, and enjoy the aroma of soft coffee.

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