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Drinking Coffee Makes a Stomach Ache?

Drinking Coffee Makes a Stomach Ache? - A cup of coffee in the morning, not only makes your body fresh and uplifting, but you can also immediately defecate afterwards. But, can this one drink make an 'explosion' in your stomach? Or maybe it's just a suggestion?

Apparently, according to the Director of the Center for Digestive Health at Georgia Regents University, Dr. Satish Rao, MD, Ph.D., coffee can indeed increase contractions in your intestines, which urge the stool to work in the rectum.

Two decades ago, Dr. Rao and his team invited 12 lucky people to use anal probes, which were equipped with sensors to measure the pressure activity of different parts of their two points and rectum. For 10 hours, they drank the same amount of caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee and hot water, and ate 1,000 calories of burger.

As a result, food does play a large role in intestinal activity. but the researchers were surprised when they found that caffeinated coffee turned out to make the intestine contract up to 60 percent stronger than hot water, and 23 percent more intense than decaffeinated coffee.

This shows that caffeine, known as a stimulant, is not the only 'player' involved in accelerating intestinal activity. It's possible that something in the coffee itself is responsible for making you defecate.

To explain this, experts have their own theories, telling them, after a few minutes you swallow caffeinated coffee, and that drink reaches your stomach, there are one or more of the hundreds of compounds that trigger the production of certain hormones in your body, such as motilin stimulates contraction — or the gastrin intestine, which causes acid secretion in your stomach. That's when your desire for bowel movements feels.

Your intestine is also about twice as active in the morning thanks to your body's circadian rhythm, said Dr Rao. Add breakfast and drink a cup of coffee, which both trigger contractions.

Well, to avoid making a 'mandatory deposit' in an office or campus toilet, you should delay drinking your coffee until about 2 hours after you wake up. This will give your gut enough time to calm down in the morning, Dr. Rao.

Drinking Coffee Makes a Stomach Ache?

And when you drink your first cup, try not to pair it with food or exercise, because these two activities can also make your intestines contract too.

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