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Is Coffee Good for Children?

Is Coffee Good for Children? - Milk is a healthy choice for children compared to coffee. Yes, coffee can be considered bad for children. What makes children better not drink coffee?

The main problem lies in caffeine. Actually, caffeine can be everywhere, even, from other foods such as cakes and soft drinks. If as parents we don't limit their intake, they might be able to suffer from the side effects of caffeine.

Caffeine is a stimulant and almost the same as drugs, which kids can feel energetic for a moment, after a while, they will return to limp and caffeine causes a constant desire for a cup of coffee.

Here are reasons why children should not drink coffee and caffeine.
  1. Children who drink soft drinks containing caffeine have a 60 percent higher risk of obesity, according to a survey. Of course, sugar is the cause here.
  2. Caffeine can also worsen nerve disorders and even heart problems. But children are not aware of this. They may also be addicted to caffeine.
  3. Caffeine can cause dehydration because it forces the body to remove water, called a diuretic. So, children may feel more thirsty.
  4. Soft drinks that contain caffeine like coffee, are bad for children's teeth. This drink can cause erosion of the protective layer on the teeth and cause other dental problems.
  5. Caffeinated drinks, empty of calories. Children may not get nutrition, or even lose other nutrients.

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