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Bondowoso residents, especially true coffee lovers should take pride in having excellent coffee. In the domestic or international market of coffee from Bondowoso has been recognized very high quality. Based on existing data, Arabica coffee farmers Java Ijen - Raung have applied for Protection of Geographical Indication to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia in November 2012. This protection is very important for people in Ijen-Raung mountain area because in addition to improving live and preserve the Java Coffee Geographical Indication.

To Khasan Java Coffee
Several studies have been conducted in areas located at latitudes between 07 ° 56.130 '- 08 ° 01.527' LS, the arc line between 114 ° 02,121'- 114 ° 09.335 'BT, has been described as a plateau region with topographic variation between flat , bumpy and hilly. There are 5-6 dry months in May-September. The type of soil type is Andisol with very high physical and chemical fertility. Crops planted under shade have a tendency to decompose with C / N ratio less than 15 and soil pH between 5.8-6.35 so it is optimal for coffee plant growth. The Ijen-Raung mountain plain which lies at an altitude between 900 - 1,500 m d.p.l with an average temperature of 15-25 ° C is suitable for Java Ijen-Raung Arabica Coffee planting. The community of Ijen-Raung mountain area is very concerned about the method of processing coffee from upstream to downstream. Medium roasted cup test scores range from 80.27 to 84.88 and are categorized as coffee from the Ijen-Raung mountains into the specialty coffee range according to the standards of the Specialty Coffee Association of America with a specific taste of sweetness, and spicy (spicy) are very strong.

Role of Community Society of Geographical Indication Protection (PMPIG)
Seeing the uniqueness that is owned both in the physical area of ​​the Ijen and Raung mountains, the typical taste of the products produced and the concern of the community on the quality of coffee produced, the coffee community in the highlands of Ijen and Raung mountains have formally established a non-governmental organization called "Masyarakat Masyarakat Geographical Indication Protection (PMPIG) of Arabica Coffee Ijen-Raung "and PMPIG Arabica Coffee Ijen-Raung have obtained registration of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of Arabica Coffee from Ijen-Raung mountains to the Directorate General of HKI, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. Geographic "Ijen-Raung Java Arabica Coffee". Product products requested standard Geographical Indications are dried HS coffee, coffee beans, roasted coffee, and ground coffee. To maintain a good reputation in the domestic market and interational markets, PMPIG has determined to maintain the prime quality of Ijen-Raung Java Arabica Coffee in accordance with what is stated in the Book of Requirements for the submission of registration favors of Geographical Indication

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