Kopi Luwak Arabika Bondowoso worldwide

Arabica bondowoso coffee worldwide mas, even every month ascertained I get a visit from foreign tourists. From anywhere, fix me !!! Almost all continents except Africa. Some come from the United States, Europe, Middle East and Asia. That is the answer Mr. Heru Setyo Wibowo who served as Secretary of Cooperative Rejo Tani District Source Wringin Bondowoso East Java Province. In addition to being Secretary of the Cooperative, he also served as Chairman of the Farmer Group "Harapan Makmur VI" which is one of 37 Kelompok Tani Kopi in Bondowoso who feel the change of fate after they improve the standard of coffee preparation.

Before 2010, Heru and his colleagues were coffee farmers in general whose production of Arabica Coffee was only worth Rp. 2,000, - / kg up to Rp. 3.000, - / kg for fruit seedlings, while for green beans coffee is only valued Rp. 22.000, - / kg up to Rp. 26.000, - / kg. This happens because of the long trade process and unfavorable bonding system, making coffee growers must be willing if the coffee is rated low by middlemen.

Pemkab Bondowoso by holding various elements, which determined to make Coffee Bondowoso penetrate the world market and lift the fate of farmers. In collaboration with Coffee Farmers' Association, Bank Indonesia Jember, Bank Jatim, Jember Coffee and Cocoa Research Center, Geographical Indication Society, and PT. Indocom Citra Persada, Bondowoso Regency since 2010 to conduct research to improve the processing and trading of coffee.

Since 2010, coffee farmers under the foot of Mount Ijen-Raung are trained and trained to process coffee with international standards. Where before, coffee processing is done traditionally. Picking coffee "rompalan" means not to sort the seeds of red and green seeds that have not been too cooked so that the quality of coffee beans so low. Processing is also only dried directly in the sun with a sheet of plastic sheeting or dried on the tarmac so that it mixes with the soil. Without going through international standard coffee processing process.

All elements are then synergized to improve the processing, provision of infrastructure such as warehouses and irrigation, to the trade system. I witnessed how the coffee in Mount Ijen-Raung is processed carefully and neatly. The quality is now also received international certification. PT. Indocom Citra Persada also directly buy coffee beans from farmers for export, so cut the long process. Bank Indonesia Jember helps provide pipeline for the washing and cleaning of coffee. Previously, the air used should be shared with the residents for household purposes as a result coffee is not washed clean due to lack of air.

The result, now the coffee farmers of Mount Ijen-Raung can reach 300 tons of coffee beans to foreign countries. The coffee, labeled Ijen-Raung Kopi, is exported to countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, Japan and America. Even according to Bondowoso District Economic Assistant, Starbucks outlets in the United States already use Bondowoso coffee for its Java Coffee type.

According to Mr. Joko from Jember Coffee and Cocoa Research Center, Java Coffee in foreign countries can certainly come from Mount Ijen-Raung Bondowoso this. He told me there was a Dutchman who was once a secret cup of coffee in Italy. So impressed, he then sought the origin of the delicious coffee. He travels in various parts of the archipelago. From Aceh to Toraja. But only he found the same coffee he tasted in Italy, when he arrived at Bondowoso. He later became a buyer of Ijen-Raung Bondowoso Coffee products.

In terms of coffee farmers, improved living standards are also felt directly by coffee farmers in Bondowoso. I asked Mr. Sugianto, who has been a coffee farmer for generations. Like Mr. Heru, Mr. Sugianto now Collect with Bondowoso's coffee reviews. Since the last five years, their income and living standards have increased. Export of coffee to foreign countries has changed lives in their village. Even with the provision of equipment from the Department of Plantation assistance Bondowoso District and Plantation Office of East Java province is now belaiu already able to make their own coffee powder directly in the supply to takeover bondowoso.

Unemployment is also reduced because the coffee processing industry involves a lot of manpower, including housewives. At work, poverty is also significantly reduced in Bondowoso. No wonder if in 2014, Bondowoso received an award from the Governor of East Java for its pro-poor policy because it can reduce the level of poverty.

Mr. Heru was not satisfied with the award, despite being awarded as an achieving farmer of East Java level. Not the award I was looking for. But I want this Bondowoso Coffee to shake the world, penetrate the world market, known to many people. Because this is the world's best coffee beans! ", He said with a firm tone of voice

Mr. Heru and Mr. Sugianto are examples of economic fighters who have high ideals. They are not just processing and selling coffee. But have the ideals of how to coffee Indonesia can continue worldwide, and of course the fate of coffee growers can be improved better.

Ijen-Raung Coffee is an example of a successful coffee cluster in Indonesia. Manually managed "HARMONIS" management, synergizing among various elements, can be an example to solve this nation's problems requires cooperation, synergy, and mutual respect from all parties. Hopefully this cluster can inspire the various regions and other areas to strengthen their superior commodities, and improve the living standards of farmers.

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